Our Mission

OUR MISSION – Recycling for people, not profit

Green Tree was founded to recycle unwanted textiles material including clothing, shoes, accessories, and household linens that would otherwise end up in our already overburdened landfills. Our recycling services support people who are disadvantaged and those in transition. Green Tree strives to preserve the environment by repurposing clothing and textiles for reuse by environmentally-minded manufacturers and designers.

What sets Green Tree apart?


  • We sort at our warehouse located in The Bronx
  • We donate clothing to our charity partners
  • Textiles and clothing in poor condition are sourced from fibers and rags manufacturers
  • None of the textile material enters the waste stream

Imagine … providing an outfit for a child’s first day in school.

Imagine … that instead of throwing away that old pair of nice suit and dress shoes,
a young student can wear them for his/her first job interview.

Imagine … a household without towels finally having one for each member of the family hanging in the bathroom.

The act of cleaning out your closet is the act of giving a gift to those in need.
Whether it’s for someone’s first day of school, a job interview, or a disadvantaged household, recycling with Green Tree gives your unwanted items a second life.
Your donation allows them to live past their expiration date!

Don't Be Shy

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