1. What is Green Tree Textiles, and what is its mission?

Green Tree Textiles is a sustainable business with a mission to promote recycling for the benefit of people, not profit. Our goal is to make recycling accessible and convenient for everyone while minimizing our environmental impact.

2. How does Green Tree Textiles support its mission of "Recycling for People Not Profit"?

We prioritize the well-being of individuals and communities by offering various recycling programs and services, such as Clothing Pick-Up, GREEN Box Locations, Shoe Recycling, and Clothing Recycling.

3. What are "GREEN Box Locations"?

GREEN Box Locations are convenient drop-off points where you can bring your old clothing and textiles for recycling. These boxes are strategically placed in accessible areas to make recycling easier for everyone

4. How does Green Tree Textiles collaborate with Down to Earth farmer's markets?

We have partnered with Down to Earth farmer’s markets to provide a platform for people to recycle their clothing and textiles. You can find us at select market locations, where we collect and recycle textiles.

5. What types of clothing and textiles can I recycle through Green Tree Textiles?

Green Tree Textiles accepts a wide range of clothing and textiles for recycling. This includes everyday clothing, shoes, dress clothing, and textile clothing. We aim to recycle as much as possible to reduce waste.

6. How does the Clothing Pick-Up service work?

Our Clothing Pick-Up service allows you to schedule a convenient time for us to collect your old clothing and textiles from your doorstep. This service is designed to make recycling hassle-free.

7. What happens to the clothing and textiles collected by Green Tree Textiles?

We sort and process the collected items to determine their best use. Depending on their condition, some items may be repurposed, while others are recycled into new products or materials.

8. Is Green Tree Textiles a for-profit business?

No, Green Tree Textiles is committed to recycling for the benefit of people, not profit. While we may generate revenue to sustain our operations, our primary goal is to promote sustainability and support communities.

9. How can I get involved with Green Tree Textiles and its mission?

You can participate by using our recycling services, spreading awareness about our mission, or even volunteering to help us with our recycling initiatives. Together, we can make a positive impact on the environment and communities.

10. Where can I find Green Tree Textiles' GREEN Box Locations and participating farmer's markets?

You can check our website or contact us for a list of current GREEN Box Locations and the farmer’s markets we partner with. We strive to expand our reach to serve more communities.

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